| July 22, 2016


Children's Books: THE PRINCESS IN MY TEACUP (Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Being Kind and Useful, Ages 2-8)

What little girl would not want a princess to visit her? That’s what kept happening to the little girl in this story. A princess would show up in a mud puddle, the kitchen sink, a bathtub, and even in a cup of tea. But it is what the princess told her that was most important, and the little girl took it to heart. Who was that princess in her teacup? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

All in rhyme and accompanied by over 35 delightfully colorful illustrations that dance along with the story.

If this sounds like something you would like, scroll up to download your copy.

Be sure to take a peek at AN ORDINARY PRINCESS, another delightful book by Sally Huss.


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