Star Angel: Awakening

| July 24, 2016


Star Angel: Awakening (Star Angel Book 1)

A girl on modern Earth and a boy from another world are thrown into a fight for their lives, only to discover they may both be connected to events in the distant past more epic than either can imagine.

Welcome to the 5-book Star Angel pentalogy.

Book 1: Jessica has moved to a new city and is about to start at a new school, when on the eve of that momentous event a young man falls from the sky.

Like a meteor he hits, on fire and striking the ground at incredible speed. Completely freaked Jess is nevertheless compelled to run to the scene of the impact, only to discover the young man is, remarkably, fine. He has a mysterious device with him, and while in the middle of trying to understand what’s just happened the device activates and the two of them are sent hurtling to a whole new world. Suddenly Jess is in a fight for her life. This is a world at war, a grim place filled with destruction and populated, impossibly, by humans like those of Earth. But this isn’t Earth, and the reality of that fills her with increasing dread, as any hope of finding the device that brought them fades. It’s been lost in the transition and it soon becomes clear she could be stuck in this chaotic place forever.

Which is only the beginning of her problems. For in the legends of this world she’s an angel, prophesied long ago, foreseen to come exactly as she has, destined to usher in their salvation and bring them from the darkness of war into the light of a new age.

But Jess has no time for such things. She’s no angel. Just a girl on the run, and all she wants is to get home.

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