Gap Year Travel Tips

| July 25, 2016


Gap Year Travel Tips: From cheap insurance to keeping your underwear clean, practical advice for a long trip.

New traveler on a first long-haul trip: Save yourself some hard knocks, money and headaches with this unique travel advice book, created from a lifetime of traveling and the practice of mindfulness. It’s the mundane nitty-gritty of traveling that no one thinks to tell you. Not, how to buy clothes, but how to launder the ones you have in a bucket, sink or even plastic bag – or which buttons to press in a far-flung launderette. How to: choose good seats and berths on cheap flights and buses, find cheap travel insurance, avoid scams, choose the best bags, fill in visa forms to avoid rejection, avoid bank fees, use foreign cybercafes, safety for the single traveler, and much, much more.

The author of travel tips spent over 20 years on the road, through 55 countries and here gives the insider info to make your trip safer, low-cost and fun


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