The Tale of Nefret

| July 29, 2016


The Tale of Nefret (The Desert Queen Book 1)

“The Story of the Most Mysterious Queen of Ancient Egypt”

Explore the Legend of Nefertiti!

Twin daughters of an ancient Bedouin king struggle under the weight of an ominous prophecy that threatens to divide them forever. Royal sibling rivalry explodes as the young women realize that they must fight for their future and for the love of Alexio, the man they both love. The Tale of Nefret chronicles their lives as they travel in two different directions. One sister becomes the leader of the Meshwesh while the other travels to Egypt as an unwilling gift to Pharaoh.

From the desert to the throne room, The Tale of Nefret is the first book in The Desert Queen trilogy, the fictional story of Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt.

The Desert Queen Series

  • The Tale of Nefret
  • The Falcon Rises
  • The Kingdom of Nefertiti
  • The Song of the Bee-Eater

??? Seven Sisters Series

Seven Sisters

Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters

Shadows Stir At Seven Sisters

The Stars That Fell

The Stars We Walked Upon

??? Praise for The Tale of Nefret

“Amazing! Best book to date from Bullock yet. You get caught up in the characters and story almost from the first page. The book stands alone but definitely begs for the next book to come soon. Every character breathes from the moment they walk into a scene, and you can’t help but be invested in the outcome of their lives. The desert of Egypt is just another bonus. You can feel the heat and the sand as you read, and the visits to the cool oases are just as soothing. This is worth your time. I finished it in one day.”

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