THE MIST (1st edition)

| August 1, 2016


The Mist

THE MIST is a spy novel, much in the lines of Jason Bourne, dealing with today’s conspiracies, mostly political, and regarding intelligence agencies.
Our spy Tanya is a Pakistani black ops agent belonging to a secret intelligence agency that officially doesn’t exist. This intelligence agency, called THE MIST, is independent with the power to investigate the governing bodies, including the President, as well as the other intelligence agencies working under the government or the army.
Being a non-existent agency, it also has a global immunity, much as that enjoyed by the black ops run by the CIA.
The job of Tanya, one of the selected agents also known as Knights, is to penetrate all groups that show signs of terrorist activities, especially the registered groups, in order to find out who exactly runs them, whether they are genuine militants or fronts for particular governments.
She is on a two-fold mission: the first being to expose the real brains behind all the terrorist activities taking place worldwide, their violations of international laws by owning black sights, and the second to steer Pakistan clear of a very violent civil war.
The prelude is the first mission in which we follow Tanya into a world of intrigue, exploring different cultures amazingly linked, discovering the colours and flavours of various societies within societies, historical legends- and basic human nature- in her quest for the truth: accumulating and exposing information on the countries involved, their agencies and their relationships with so-called Islamic terrorists.
Steering clear from the stereotypes and a whole mix of truth, conspiracy theories and fiction, this book hopes to inform and entertain the common man.


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