How to Be Attractive: The Science of Attractiveness and How to Be Attractive

| August 2, 2016


How to Be Attractive: The Science of Attractiveness and How to Be Attractive

If you want to learn how to be attractive, and the secret to attractiveness, then this book is for you!

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We are taught not to judge a book by its cover. Try as we might to live by those words, however, the fact is that we can’t help but do just that — judge others by how they look, that is. Personal experience has taught us that others judge us by how we look, after all. And while some of us are born with model-good looks, the sad fact is that not all of us are so genetically gifted. Fortunately, science, as well as anecdotal evidence, shows that there is far more to attractiveness than mere looks — which is great news for all of us. This book will cover in detail what science has to say about physical attractiveness to better understand how the human mind and physiology work. Also in this book I’ll divulge some fool-proof tips and tricks that have been proven to tip the scales in someone’s favor — someone who’s not a cover model, that is.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why is Physical Beauty So Important?
  • Beauty May Not Be in the Eye of the Beholder
  • Being Beautiful Versus Being Attractive
  • So What Makes People Stick it Out?
  • How Can You Be More Attractive?
  • Being Attractive To Yourself
  • The Connection Between Confidence and Attraction
  • Now, Onto How You Look
  • Much, much more!

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