The Other One

| August 4, 2016


The Other One: A clone science fiction novel

A lot of couples believe they were made for each other.
In some cases, they are absolutely right.

Nuriel was 18 years old when she was born. She grew up in a laboratory in Ba’al Hamon, a colony at the edge of the Pangaean Galactic Empire. Within a few weeks she could walk, talk, and handle political crises quite well. She even learned a thing or two about love and loyalty, thanks to the diligent lab assistant in charge of her education.

When their budding romance is exposed, they are brutally separated and Nuriel is dispatched to the customer who ordered her: King Sol of Ba’al Hamon. In the palace, she discovers a world of abundance, pleasure, love and lies. Amidst all the perils, she struggles to understand who she is, why was she created, and how is it all connected to the mysterious disappearance of the late queen.

The Other One is a romantic science-fiction novel inspired by the biblical Song of Songs. The ancient riddles merge with the futuristic reality, and together create a unique and gripping plot, full of its own secrets, mysteries and love.

“The concept and writing skill are superb.”—Award explanation, NaNoWriMo Israel writing contest, 2014


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