Business Administration Enhanced: Part 1

| July 30, 2016


The world we live in changes dramatically every second.

The globalization, the terrorism, the poverty and all other problems have a huge impact on our economy and security.

For the next period, these two main domains of study will be predominant because nowadays, the world faces multiple risks and challenges.

If you wanted to succeed in growing your business and reaching new markets, you would need to develop new skills.

After reading this book you will know:

*How to communicate using English business patterns of communication in multiple situation and via different channels: telephone, e-mail, fax, during meetings and so forth.

*How to think about your business partner and what key point you need to identify in order to have a fruitful business relation

*How to act in an global environment

*What are the key point of expanding your business outside national borders

*How to implement business ethics and why are they useful

*How to develop and maintain public relations for an organization

*How to manage a crisis situation from the perspective of a company

*How to negotiate the best deals for you business.


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