Pokémon Go Trainer Academy: The Ultimate 101 Guide to Mastery

| August 3, 2016



The most extensivley researched Pokémon Go Guide to date!

Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm. Millions of people playing, roaming the streets, walking billions of miles, and catching and battling Pokémon – all want to become the very best! But so many play the game without knowing the ins and outs…

If you want to tap your full potential and Play like a Pro, look no further! Instead of endlessly searching through the Internet to find info on the simplest of Items or tips to make you a better Trainer, read this book!

I have done all the work for you. Into this book go hours and hours of playing and research so that you can profit!

This ain’t your ordinary How-to-get-started with just a few pages. This is The Pokémon Go Trainer Academy – The Ultimate 101 Guide to Mastery. The first of a series of Pro Manuals, that will teach you all the basics, strategies, tips, and secrets to become a high-level player in no time!


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • A short history of Pokémon


  • How to install on iOS, Android, and in unlisted countries



  • The Screen, the Menus, the Pokédex



  • The Starter Pokémon (including Pikachu)



  • PokéStops, Items, the Shop



  • Levels, Power-Ups, and Evolving



  • Hatching Eggs



  • Tips on finding Pokémon



  • Teams, Gyms, Prestige, and Battles



  • and much more!



I have added Candy Boxes throughout the text with tons of bonus material, secrets, and backround info. Heck, I have even included a huge Glossary!


Download your copy today!

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