The Sex-Starved Husband’s Guide: Get unstuck, win her heart back, and reignite your sex life

| August 1, 2016


Is your sex life dragging its feet?
You’re not alone. One in five U.S. couples is stuck in a sexless marriage. One in five! If it was an infectious disease, we’d label it epidemic and be forced to wear surgical masks. Every month, over 21,000 people google the phrase “sexless marriage” looking for answers. Looking for hope. Looking for anything.

Hope is here.
In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:

  • The real reason women pull away emotionally and sexually before leaving for good (you’ll be shocked)
  • The two questions Jack Canfield (creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul) asks his wife every weekend and why they’ll have you scoring big in the bedroom
  • What the Propaganda Machine has been hiding from you since puberty and how it’s hurting your marriage
  • How to lower her blood pressure and bring sexy back for less than 95 cents a day (and why it works)

Welcome to the conversation. It’s about time.

“You’ve stepped into the core of a woman. I’m a little blown away by the truth of it all.”
-Elizabeth Neary, married woman

“It’s like you were in my head the entire time!”
-Shannon Raymond, married woman

“Smelling salts for every husband, not merely the sex-starved.”
-Devin Burke, married man


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