The Netherfield Affair: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Dark Darcy Mysteries Book 1)

| August 4, 2016


A Regency mystery for Jane Austen fans! A re-telling of Pride and Prejudice… re-imagined with mystery and intrigue along the way!
Book 1 of a Four-Part Series
When Elizabeth Bennet goes to stay at Netherfield Park to keep her sick sister company, she is surprised by eerie noises in the night and ghostly faces at the attic windows. Could the rumours about the country manor being haunted be true? Then a midnight encounter with a tall, dark stranger thrusts Elizabeth straight into the path of scandal and danger. As she races to unravel the mystery, she finds unexpected assistance from the handsome but arrogant Mr Darcy. Is such a proud, reserved man to be trusted?

A romantic Regency mystery inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice! This is the first book in the Dark Darcy Mysteries – a Pride and Prejudice variation combining mystery and romance. * Each book in this series features a standalone mystery which is resolved, but the overall story of Darcy and Elizabeth’s courtship is told over the 4 books of the series.

The Netherfield Affair (Book 1)
Intrigue at the Ball (Book 2)
The Poisoned Proposal (Book 3)
Secrets at Pemberley (Book 4)


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