Life in positive: Tales on viewing life with joy

| August 5, 2016


A collection of tales in which the author uses scenes from our daily lives to talk about hope, joy, relationships, being true to one’s self and also on how we sometimes confront our fears.

Using creativity to pull back the curtain and reveal the bright side, the book is an invitation to abandon our comfort zone and to see life in positive.

Some tales happen over Christmas to bring out the values we all associate with that time of year (solidarity, hope, joy) and other stories occur at various other moments, nevertheless all seek to make their mark.

These tales are food for thought and for all ages.

Some reader comments:

“This book is full of values from the beginning to the end.”

“Reading this encourages you to live life differently.”

“A pleasure for the heart and senses”

“Truly touching”

“A breath of fresh air and good cheer”

“To bring out a serene smile is not easy but Pedro can do it” “It is a lovely, heart-warming and sensitive book”

“A charming book”

All proceeds from book sales go to funding projects by SOS Children’s Villages.


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