Professor Birdsong’s Weird Criminal law Stories, vol. 4: The Midwest

| July 3, 2017


Professor Birdsong uses his expertise to bring you over 101 weird criminal law stories from the Midwest. They are all true stories! This book is sure to deliver some insightful humor. Stories include the one about a drunken Indiana man who crashes his car into the home of a man and then offers to share his pizza with him; an Ohio woman dubbed the “Cleaning Fairy” who broke into people’s homes, cleaned them and then left a bill for her services; and then there’s the one about the Michigan man sent to jail for failing to pay $500,000 in back child support to 14 women with whom he sired 22 children; the story of the Chicago woman who bit off her cousin’s nose during a family gathering; and a wide variety of other stories about weird and stupid criminals.

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