How Stop Shouting at the Child or How to Talk So Kids Will Listen?

| August 8, 2016


How to Stop Shouting at the Child or How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (Simplicity Parenting): Growing Happy Kids – Child Development and Education, Unconditional Parenting, Conscious Parenting

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A newborn baby is like a small grain. It has everything laid within. But the question is whether this grain will sprout? Will it grow into a beautiful, blooming and fruiting plant? Will its skills develop to a full extent? It depends on parents. This book deals with the most important and ‘painful’ issues of upbringing. Parents will learn how to raise a happy, clever and creative person. It will help the parents to become interesting for their children and will help to their authority in the child’s eyes.

The children are the most important investments of our power, soul, time and money!

This book is not for children, although, it is written about them. This book is for adults, but not for all adults. For adults who became (or want to be) PARENTS that are the closest people ever. People who are DEEREST to their child, who love and understand him or try to understand. Or, at least, would love to understand. If you don’t have such a wish, don’t read this book. It will just be useless for you, like other books, seminars, lectures and other smart information.

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