Fall For You

| August 9, 2016


Fall For You (A Fallen Angels Paranormal Romance Series: Book Two)

Meta has been taken to Hell. Now she must fight against the seductive voices luring her to join them, and discover at last, who she really is. But will that person still be someone Sol can love? Immerse yourself in this young adult paranormal romance fiction rich with engaging characters and surprising twists and turns from bestselling author, Heather Choate.

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“I absolutely fell in love with Meta!! She was a complex character to get to know. I loved how she didn’t instantly fall in love with Sol, the most pure angel of heaven. At first she did despise him, but she eventually grew to love him. This book had a lot of twists and turns and just when you thought it was going to end BAM another obstacle keeps you glued to the book. I recommend this book to any who are fascinated with angels, good or bad.” -Brit

“If you are looking for something new and interesting read, Fall For You is definitely worth checking out. The book has all elements one could want in a book humor, action, and romance. Thank you!” -Chref

“This book was very entertaining and kept me wanting more and more until the end. The author, Heather Choate, does a remarkable job keeping you on the edge of your seat while following Meta on her journey. This book also has some surprising twists that really caught me off guard and for me really set this book apart from some of the others I have been reading of late! I highly recommend this book. You will find that the author has a knack for writing a captivating story but also does so in a very intriguing fashion. Excellent!” -Merry May

“I read this book in one day, I just couldn’t put it down! I was drawn into it on the very first page, and the draw never waned. The characters are well developed, entertaining and believable; I loved the flow in the book. I find it hard to keep my interest in most books but this one did it without me realizing it was going on. And for that alone I highly recommend this book.” -Stuart Powell

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Immerse yourself in the final book of this young adult paranormal romance series rich with engaging characters and surprising twists and turns from Amazon bestselling author, Heather Choate. Buy it now!

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