How to Produce Music: The Ultimate Guide to Music Production (for the Beginner)

| August 10, 2016


If you want to learn how to produce music, then this book is for you!

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Only a minority of musicians know how to produce their own music. However, audio production is an invaluable skill, and you can save money and make money by learning it. Producing is not easy, and will take practice but, if you stick to the method outlined in this book, you will get the hang of it. In the past, to be a music producer meant entering a music studio somehow, maybe starting as an intern and getting the producer’s coffee and donuts every morning. Then from there it was all about working your way up to the top, probably by sneaking into the studio and convincing people that you were the real deal. Those days are dead. Now, it’s all about computers, making everyone with the zeal to learn audio production a music producer in their own right. But to be a producer that is recognized and with whom people want to work? That takes years of hard work, sweat, and grind. The process is long and arduous, but this book will show you how you can start producing your own music.

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