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| August 11, 2016



Marketing and promoting is an ongoing process that business owners can have difficulty with. Especially, if they are not from a marketing background. The good news is that with the social media platforms available out there today, this has become relatively easy.

It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest growing social network in today’s world. The ability it brings to develop contacts and reach out to vast audiences is absolutely amazing. Even though it’s growing, not many people are able to utilize its full potential, especially when it comes to growing your business.

With over 1.55 billion active users the possibilities are limitless.

So with that in mind I’ve narrowed down 7 essential skills that you can start with to help market your business even better on Facebook. I’ve organized this book into the following sections:

• Creating a Facebook Page – outlines the importance of having a Facebook page and shows step-by-step screenshots on how you can create your own page.

• How to Schedule Posts – a very easy yet powerful tool that Facebook provides is scheduling your posts ahead of time. This section provide step by step on how you can schedule automatic posts.

• How to Build a List Using Facebook – a crucial tool is building an email list for any online business. I’ve provided useful strategies that you can use for start building an email list.

• How to Get Likes for Your Facebook Page – Getting more like increases your engagement rate, therefore improves exposure and help market yourself better.

• How to Create Content Quality – This is certainly one of the more important things to know about any social media platform. This section provides you with experienced advice on what works best when it comes to content creation.

• Placing Your First Facebook Ad – this section provides great strategy on what areas to be mindful of before placing your first Facebook ad.

• Writing an ad – Tips on writing quality ads what really work for you and help you get results. Basic information that will benefit from beginners to advanced users.

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