Working From Home. How to Telecommute and Like It.

| August 12, 2016


Working From Home. How to Telecommute and Like It.

This book is based on my own experience of making the transition from the daily grind in to a fully-fledged and very happy home based worker. With home working/telecommuting being more and more attractive for those in jobs where it is suitable it is becoming a very popular option for both employers and employees as it can offer advantages to both. My book sets out how you can successfully become a happy home based employee, avoid that grinding, expensive daily commute, save yourself money and be happier and more productive.

Modern technology makes it entirely possible for the individual to work from home as opposed to the daily grind of commuting and office life. It can be attractive for the employer also for example through cost savings and a happier, more productive employee better able to juggle the demands of an ever busier lifestyle and competing priorities.

I have written this book based on my experience to show you that working from home and telecommuting it is possible if it is something you are considering doing.

Here is a Brief Preview of You Will Read About Inside Working From Home. How to Telecommute and Like It…

  • Why work from home
  • The advantages and drawbacks
  • Negotiating with your employer
  • Setting up your home office
  • Successfully adapting to working from home
  • And much more besides…….

A to-the-point and practical guide to working from home in around 13,000 words including lots of tips, techniques and strategies to help you make the switch from the daily commute to being home based and liking it!

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