The Chronicles of Dezmon

| August 8, 2016


Chronicles of Dezman

February 2015 – Chicago is at the brink of social disparity as crime reaches its peak. The people are afraid and the police who were supposed to “serve and protect” have become a part of the problem themselves. With the police force taking part in the citywide drug trade and murders, living in Chicago just isn’t the same anymore. Meet Dezman Faustus – just an average guy, living an honest life. With a decent job that pays well, there was nothing that could go wrong for him.

However, being “too perfect” was too good to be true. By day, Dezman was the normal working man, but at night, he becomes the most ruthless serial killers in the history of Chicago and later in the history of the world. Slowly driven by his sense of justice, Dezman takes it upon his own hands to eradicate anything and everything wrong in Chicago – murderers, thieves, rapists, drug lords, corrupt police officers, politicians – by doing whatever it takes, even if it means getting his hands dirty.

The Chronicles of Dezman tells the story of Dezman Faustus in the eyes of a killer, following his journey to become one of the most notorious vigilante serial killers in USA, later earning him the nickname of “Jack”.


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