Jacob Foley

| June 11, 2013


Jacob Foley

Jacob and Bobby are brothers left in an orphanage by their mother Bobby is taken away from Jacob as soon as there mother leaves them to the anger of Jacob, who was told to look after his brother at all cost. They only see each other once a month at visiting days but no one comes to see them, after six months, Jacob is told by the doctor that Bobby has died of some rare illness and had to be cremated which makes Jacob very sad.
But things are not what they seem the doctor and some of the nuns have a lucrative business going selling young children to couples who can not have them, in another part of he home is a wing for unmarried mothers taken in the home till the babies are born just in case the neighbors suspect anything.
There are also told that there children have died but have been sold to the highest bidder, one nun sister Foley can not stand what is going on and blows the whistle on the scam,

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  1. this is a great site for authors wanting to get their books noticed, very pleased with result, keep it up

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks, Terrence!