Sky Ghosts: The Night Before

| August 11, 2016


For centuries, Sky Ghosts have been hiding their differences from humans, living among them in secret. Their powers, skills, and the gift of flight turned them into the best protectors the human elite could ever have. But for every one of them who believes in fair work and duty, there are ten more who use their power to prey on the weak and avoid justice. They’re called Sky Beasts, and the war between them and the New York Sky Ghosts Headquarters has reached a fevered pitch.

Patricia aka Pain is known as the “kill first, ask questions later” kind of girl. An urban legend at twenty-one, she helps to secure the Headquarters’ future in her own way – by slaughtering Beasts in between working bodyguard jobs. When a certain gang leader resurfaces on the gloomy Brooklyn outskirts, she makes a plan, which includes her big sword, her best friend, and good old improvisation.

There’s only one minor detail – it all sounds too good to not be a trap.

Sky Ghosts: The Night Before is a short standalone story, serving as a free preview* to the Sky Ghosts series. A crossover between Urban Fantasy and Action Comedy, it’s suitable both for adults and young adults.

What reviewers say

Sky Ghosts is for those who enjoy

– Fantasy novels not centered on romance

– Secret organizations and assassin fantasy

– Themes of brotherhood, duty, and honor

You may like it if you’re a fan of

– Suicide Squad and Deadpool

– The Avengers, Buffy, and all things Joss Whedon

– The A-Team, X-Men, and Arrow

Warning: the book contains strong language, graphic violence, and unhealthy doses of black humor

*The book will be available for free once Amazon does the price matching


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