Origin: Science Fiction Dystopian (Swab Book 2)

| August 14, 2016


What if the fate of an entire world rested in your hands? What if you were chosen to be the queen of the most powerful being in the universe? What if you didn’t ask for either?

Cat has become a swab and has since, lost the love of her human boyfriend, Ray. Desperate to prove to him she is still human at heart, she goes on a mad quest to challenge the most powerful swab in America and rescue the captured human children. But the cost she must pay to free them is her own freedom. Now, Cat finds herself under the power of the Father of Lights at the Origin planet in a strange world facing decisions with consequences she can’t begin to imagine.

The explosive Swab series continues with this heart-pounding sequel. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Falling Skies and Divergent, Origin is the gripping story of a fresh dystopian/sci-fi world that explores the power of choice over destiny and the decision to love despite differences.

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“I am so glad to have read this book. I read a lot and it’s not every day that I come across a book with a unique plot line. This book really had my interest and I could hardly put it down. This action packed book follows Cat’s journey in retaliation against the scarb, who have tragically taken everything from her. I kept trying to predict what was going to happen but this plotline kept me guessing.

I was delighted that this book not only contains thrilling adventures but at its core is a beautiful romance. What impressed me was the way that the characters came alive. I felt like I was right there with Cat battling the scarb. Beyond the action in this book there are also some important lessons that the reader can learn from. Perhaps most interesting to me was the theme of one’s sense of self and their inner strength. I can’t wait for the sequel!” — Louisana

“A great novel. Heather Choate weaves a sci-fi tale that you will get lost in. She transports you to a new world with the descriptive language. Characters become friends, you root for the society she’s created and can’t put it down for one second. Everything you want as a reader, Heather Choate delivers. Loved it and can’t wait for more from this author” — Jason Clark

“Heather has masterfully and skillfully weaved the imagery of an entirely new kind of world, rich with entrancing and vivid details and an awesome plot. Every time a chapter ends, I absolutely had to find out what happens next. With just the right mixture of emotional drama, action, and a story that sucks you in with every change of scene, I am beyond anxious and excited to find out how the sequel turns out. If someone makes a movie out of this, I will be at the theater hours before the box office opens to get the best seat. If you liked Hunger Games, Harry Potter or the Mortal Instruments series, this is just as unique, exciting, and original if not more!” — Thepulsiphyer

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