How To Be Happy: My Child – My Friend

| August 14, 2016


How To Be Happy: My Child – My Friend (Positive Thinking Book)? – Simplicity Parenting, Unconditional Parenting, Conscious Parenting

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A family is the first sculptor forming a soft as wax soul and mind, will and character of a child. The child investigates the world through a family, in the light of a family. Undoubtedly, he receives his first life attitudes in the family. Full-fledged health and harmonic mental development of the child are the aim of all parents. To achieve positive results, close collaboration of both parties is required.

But the majority of even the most loving and caring parents make mistakes which may influence on the child’s further destiny.

When children are born, the first years of their life are predetermined by parents’ goals and desires. What will be a color of a stroller, of booties? What toys to choose? Which sports circle to register in? Which school will be better?

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