Bike Camp Cookbook

| August 15, 2016


Bike Camp Cookbook explores the recipes I prepared while bicycle touring from New York to California.

I share my techniques and methods on how to prepare and enjoy quick and healthy meals just about anywhere. Many of the recipes are a culmination of experiences and styles I’ve developed over time from my kitchen at home.

Eating a “Bread Alone (Not Literally) Pestocado” is not the only thing your going go get from this book. I wrote four of my favorite stories from the road. Including areas in Virginia, Kansas, Colorado and Nevada. Use the techniques in this book to change your perspective on eating healthy meals while enjoying the outdoors. This book will help assist your for your bicycle touring adventures, thru hiking or even a weekend camping with friends and family.

When I realized that cycling was going to be a huge part of my life, eating healthier food was going to be as well. I knew in order for me to become a better cyclist and overall a better person, I needed to feed my body the healthiest food possible. I was in the midst of a major lifestyle change and was constantly feeding myself with information on healthy eating, how to become a better person, traveling and finding ways to take myself out of my comfort zone. I knew I loved camping, the outdoors and being on my Bike. In fact, most of my weekends would be spent camping, hiking or riding with friends.

Instead of worrying about it, I decided to bring my kitchen skills to the campground. While packaged camp meals can be completely tasty and convenient, I knew it wasn’t economically or physically possible for me to pack that large of a supply. Perhaps that’s why my idea of cooking is pretty minimal these days. At that time I was transitioning into a fruit and plant based diet while at the same time trying to shake off and limit my meat consumption.

I knew that pursuing this would come with its challenges but I was determined to put my Le Bike Gourmet Chef skills to the test.

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