Kindle Fire HD User Guide: From Zero to Newbie in 1 Hour

| June 10, 2013


Kindle Fire HD User Guide: From Zero to Newbie in 1 Hour


Is This Your First Time?

A bit of a personal question but please don’t be shy. We still remember the first time we turned on our Kindle Fire! Although it may feel like everybody else already knows how to use their Kindle Fire the truth is they don’t. And if this is the first time you’ve held one in your hands, then we would just like to say….. WE’RE HERE TO HELP!


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When we first published our Kindle Fire app review guide – 250+ Best Kindle Fire HD Apps for the New Kindle Fire Owner – we added in a small bonus section which included a few tips and tricks for the new Kindle Fire user. We soon started receiving emails from customers asking for more of the same.

Well this easy-to-use guide is our way of welcoming all you new Kindle Fire owners who have just pulled your device from its box for the first time. This short user guide has been written to introduce you to some of the most basic, but essential, elements of using your new handheld computer. This is information that you need to know.

This Amazon Kindle e-Book Includes:

  • Navigating your way around the Kindle Fire HD
  • Getting rid of ads
  • Downloading and transferring content
  • Connecting to social media
  • Setting up email
  • Learning to ‘swype’
  • Getting to grips with parental controls


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