The Art of Setting Goals and Following Through

| August 16, 2016


The book The Art of Setting Goals and Following Through works as realistic guide on implementing healthy living aspects into your daily routine. The main objective is to help you focus on setting significant goals for yourself and the process of pursuing these goals and later accomplishing them. Additionally, the book is about celebrating wellness and success, whilst improving various components of your life and creating a driven, confident, and productive you! This book is short, to the point so DOWNLOAD your copy today before the limited time discount expires!

What This Book Will DO For YOU:

  • Provide you with the basic principles and stages necessary for goal setting
  • Help you develop confidence and endurance to pursue your goals
  • Work you towards a specific and chosen lifestyle plan
  • Address the importance of health and wellness

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll LEARN:

  • Strategies on how-to form lasting, beneficial habits
  • The right and wrong intentions behind goals and how to properly set them
  • Organization tips for all lifestyle aspects including your workplace, home, bank, and personal relationships
  • How-to replace distractions and procrastination with inspiration and consistency

BONUS: There is a FREE book included!


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