Rang-Drël Practicing the Art of Self-Healing: How to Cure Your Body, Mind and Spirit, Touches with His Hands

| August 20, 2016


Rang-Drël (Jin Shin Jyutsu) – a definite system of knowledge that people have had since the dawn of mankind. This knowledge has been pushed out of medicine and pharmacology. Today it’s time to go back to this knowledge. The man with the appearance of pain provides instinctive actions. Toothache we presses his hand to his cheek when not calm the soul – clutches his chest; rub the injured spot or putting a hand to his temples trying to relieve the headache. Therefore Rang Drël (Jin Shin Jyutsu) the primary means for balancing energies are our fingers and palm. Putting his hands to the individual places on the body and the folding fingers in various mudras, you can send energy flows, directing energy to a specific organ. This work creates a physical and mental well-being.
By Rang Drël (Jin Shin Jyutsu) any cause of illness lies in violation of the flow of vital energy along the meridians, resulting in some areas having deficient or excess energy. The reason for this are the blocks that are created by negative emotions: fear, anger, sadness.
Getting rid of the disease will require recovery of energy flows in the body that is, getting rid of the blocks and barriers. Rang Drël (Jin Shin Jyutsu) suggests using a simple and accessible way – our hands, or rather, the palm and fingers. The main condition is that there should be non-violent contact of hands.
Enough light touch hands to certain areas of the body, which in Rang-Drël called “power gate” and the timeless wisdom of the body wakes itself. The energy begins to move naturally and any voltage and power, which we call disease, dissolve by themselves. The book describes a brief history of the method, the job description, accompanied by practice and illustrations.


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