Color Analysis and the WARM Color Family

| August 20, 2016


This is the second book in the series about the Tonal Color Families.

Pamela Graham’s aim is to sweep away the dogmatic and rigid attitude of the early days which always caused resistance, and put back the fun, the flexibility and the common sense into a magical medium.

Although this book majors on the WARM Color Family there’s plenty of inspiration if you’ve been determined a Spring, an Autumn or even if you just recognize that you have a WARM skin tone.

Identifying a WARM or COOL skin tone is one of the major first steps towards appreciating how color works.

Because each book is designed to ‘stand-alone’, each contains the same brief and simplistic walk-through the color theory before expanding into the appropriate color direction.

With lots of colourful illustrations (showing real women), it explains how and why the WARM colors complement your natural coloring and how to enjoy using color cheaply and easily whatever your lifestyle. Also included is a print-ready Color Swatch that assembles into a mirror-image of the 45 shade fabric Color Swatch.

What’s included:

Part 1 – Why Color first? – what it can do for you

Part 2 – First Impressions – appreciate and value yourself

Part 3 – Color, what is it? – setting the scene

Part 4 – What is Color Analysis? – Seasonal and Tonal, how they work

Part 5 – The WARM Color Family – explaining your natural coloring

Part 6 – The WARM Color Swatch – understand your colors

Part 7 – How to recognize your own colors – fully illustrated

Part 8 – How to use your Color Swatch – in your wardrobe and in store

Part 9 – Start to co-ordinate – how to easily introduce color

Part 10 – Talking Capsules – make a little go a long way; your personal style

Part 11 – Color Combinations – make them work your way

Part 12 – Color your Life – makeup, hair, jewelry, even your home

Part 13 – Your print-ready Color Swatch – link to pdf download

There are still many women who, even after an expensive color consultation, have little idea of what their color direction is all about. So whether you’ve been professionally analysed, cleverly worked out your own color direction or even, through trial and error determined that WARM colors make you look and feel more attractive, this book will put you in the ‘driving seat’.

Color is a Science but it’s here to be enjoyed so have the confidence to TAKE what works for you and REJECT what doesn’t!

Understanding is the key!

Anyone can wear any color – red, blue, green, yellow – but by choosing the shades of each that echo your own natural coloring you will create harmony and look more attractive.

Wear what makes you feel good always – whether it’s in your color palette or not. After you’ve read this book you’ll know what it’s about. If something doesn’t work perfectly then you’ll know the reason why and, more to the point, you’ll know how to make it work. Understanding is the key!


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