They’re Rugby Boys, Don’t You Know?

| August 20, 2016


An inspirational true story detailing how a Christian Police Sergeant from England boarded the Logos Hope; a Christian missions ship, in 2011. The author was forever changed when, the ship having repeatedly broken down in the Philippines, she unexpectedly encountered and fell in love with a group of street teenage boys addicted to a solvent called “rugby.” This dirty, wild, miserable, rabble were living under a bridge on which the author’s small team was conducting street evangelism. Their curious approach in order to investigate the foreigners was cautious at first. Local Filipinos watched the intervention from a distance, fascinated yet fearful. These were the ‘rugby boys;’ untouchable and invisible, even dangerous. They were definitely not worthy of time, attention, love and care. Abandoned or neglected by their families and left to fend for themselves, they were thinking only about the next twenty-four hours.

This modern-day missionary biography details the highlights and lowlights, ups and downs, trials and tribulations, successes and failures of the Logos Hope crew. They defied local attitudes to slowly and carefully befriend this side-lined and often detested minority who were living in poverty and addicted to drugs. You will read of hospital visitations, breaches of trust, criminal activity, gang fights and numerous disappointments. But you will also read of the changes in the lives of just a few of these boys who decided to leave the street and the solvents for better future lives. It goes without saying that these small changes made the heartache and struggles worthwhile.

A true missionary story about Christian hope being brought to the hopeless in the Philippines…


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