A Transformative Life: From Suffering to Heartfulness

| August 25, 2016


This book is based on two parts: the first part is learning about and understanding how human beings suffer and survive based on suppressed emotional pain, attachments, ego, shadows, addictions, survival strategies, negative core beliefs, childhood defense mechanisms, and childhood neglect, abuse, and trauma. The second part is on how human beings can move from suffering and surviving to thriving and heartfulness based on learning how to feel emotional pain, facing fears, challenging belief systems, finding healthier strategies for getting basic human needs met, and incorporating compassion, vulnerability, intuition, empathy, self-care, mindfulness, authenticity, and connection into their lives.

This book is a compilation of my research and various posts I’ve written over the past five years from my heart based on my suffering, isolation, and survival followed by partial healing and recognition of my spirit. I am a loving, eternal being having a human experience that is much more vast and wondrous than I could have ever imagined, helping me to realize that human ego-based suffering is pervasive in our fast-paced, over-stimulated, and technology-driven capitalistic society—a collective, “normalized” madness.

As I began formulating and compiling various writings from other people and myself along with various resource hyperlinks, I decided to separate the book into two parts: suffering and heartfulness. The first part is our fall from grace, our fall from our innocent childlike essence that we have temporarily forgotten and covered over by our false beliefs, defense mechanisms, and suppressed emotional pain. The second part is our return back to the now, the present moment and our amazing, vast, wondrous spirit that inhabits our bodies and lives through us in our particular, temporary human existence. I often repeat themes with slightly different perspectives hoping this will be helpful for readers to comprehend and incorporate into their own lives.


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