Bleeders: The Red Death, Book 1

| August 26, 2016


If it doesn’t kill you, someone infected will.

All the news channels can talk about is the Red Flu, a nasty strain that came out of nowhere to wreak havoc on the population. There’s also something the government isn’t telling the public about the Red Flu- both the secret of it’s true effects, and exactly how it spreads.

Brody Tate doesn’t care. He’s a young smart-ass living in New York City, locked in a dead-end job. His only concern is telling his boss where he can shove it. Besides, the news only exists to scare people, right?

But something is wrong. There’s blood in his boss’s office. A woman is dead on the floor.

His boss is eating the cleaning lady.

He kills the man in self-defense- not that the cops believe him- and gets carted away for murder. As if his day wasn’t bad enough, his boss managed to bite him during the struggle.

With the Red Flu tearing up his insides, Brody finds himself in a self-destructing New York, lost in the horrors of a crumbling city while fighting to stay alive. The question now is, if the Red Flu doesn’t kill him, and someone with it doesn’t, what will be left of him?

What will he become?

The Bleeders Series

Book 1: The Red Death

Book 2: Rising Storm


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