Energy Healing Made Simple Om Kitty’s 8 Day Chakra Activation Journey: Bonus: Learn To Banish Your Doubts About ‘Woo-Woo’ and Stop Worrying What Others Think (The OM Kitty Series Book 1)

| August 27, 2016


What was Oprah’s big ‘Aha’ Moment? When she learned to meditate and heal her energy centers with Deepak Chopra and Stop Worrying about the Opinions of others because they don’t matter! Woot!


Are you struggling because something deep inside is calling
you to explore new things, like Energy Healing, Chakra
Balancing, Reiki and other paths to alternative healing and spiritual growth?
But your mind – your inner critic is saying NO!


Instinctively, you’re dying to know why Energy Healing is the number one game-changer to heal your body, mind, and soul at the atomic level.
But still, you worry others will disapprove of ‘all this woo-woo.’


What if you could learn to stop worrying what other people think and discovered Energy Healing may cause miracles?
What if you could learn a simple and fun step-by-step process so easy it only takes 10 minutes a day for 8 short days?
In this book you will learn how to:
  • Use this simple energy healing process, the easiest method for baby-stepping into your happiest life.
  • Fine-tune your ‘frequency’ and raise your energy vibration ushering in a deeper level of peace, serenity, and joy.
  • Follow your heart and rest assured that the ‘tugging’ you feel that “there must be more” is not a figment of an irrational, renegade mind but instead a golden thread pulling you homeward.


  • Best of all, learn why you must stop worrying what others may think and how to do it.


OM Kitty is a wise and witty guide and mystic who will take you on this chakra activation and healing journey making you feel comfortable, cozy and wanting to learn more.
In less than 10 minutes a day you will learn to release and heal your energy and strengthen your internal guidance system.
As a bonus, you will walk away with the clear understanding that no one else’s opinion actually matters! Woot!
Welcome to the World of OM Kitty and Spiritual Awakening With a Twist and The OM Kitty Book Series.


*Bonus inside – Be sure to grab the Free OM Kitty’s Awesome Kit-and-Caboodles Bonus Gift Package.


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