First Contact: Even The Stars Know

| August 27, 2016


One hundred years of deep space exploration. Captain Johannsen and her crew start to experience mysterious situations after sighting an unexplained object.

Jackson Chase stared into a vast emptiness. The round viewports in the crew lounge were exactly a half foot thick, comprised of aluminum silicate and layers of gorilla glass crafted by the Corning company back on Earth. The cushions of his recliner had automatically fitted themselves to his body contours like they always did. He had comfort and quiet and all of his needs provided for by the food processors, and the cleansing station, and the entertainment consoles. It was everything a man could ever want. Including amazing views.

Everything, except companionship.

It had now been twenty-four days since he’d been woken up by the mercilessly efficient onboard computer. It kept the systems on the DSS Armstrong running like clockwork. It was the most advanced computer humans had ever created, and Jackson still wanted to slam it against the wall like an old-fashioned alarm clock so he could go back to sleep.

One hundred years in deep space would be too much for any man to take by himself without very long naps in between. Like hibernating bears who only woke up when they found something interesting to look at.

Out here, there was very little that could be called interesting.

He ran a hand through the short bristles of his sandy brown hair and relaxed more into his chair while he thought about those two little words, deep space. This was the furthest that human beings had ever gone from Earth. Lightyears from the familiar constellations of home. But no matter how deep they went, there was still more. More space. More emptiness. More…nothing.

Even the stars know is a short story about first contact and experiencing our inner space in deep space exploration.

Tags: first contact, alien contact, deep space exploration, action, adventure, romance, science fiction, mystery


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