The Power of Simple: Transform your school by conquering your standards, individualizing learning, and creating a community of innovatos

| August 29, 2016


While the world has propelled itself in the 21st Century with new technology, innovation, and ways of doing things, our schools are having a hard time catching up.

Schools still shuffle hundreds of students daily to classrooms with inflexible learning spaces, an outdated curriculum, and work disconnected from the real world.

What if as an educator you had the power to change that?

What if you could transform student learning and still have time to cover your standards?

What if someone who has made radical changes in education provided you with five simple strategies that you could implement in your school tomorrow?

The power of SIMPLE will inspire you to make those changes by documenting Kyle Wagner’s entire journey in creating Futures Academy- a school that changes the way we educate. It is a school that adapts schedules every week depending on the learning experience; has students presenting regularly to experts in the field; and integrates learning around students exploring their passions and creating work of value in the real world.

This book will empower you to create your own vision for school and provide simple and practical strategies to make that vision come to life. You will learn to:

* Create individualized experiences for your students

* Create flexible schedules to allow for these experiences

* Re-structure your space to impact student learning

* Become a facilitator of learning

* Conquer standards and still have time to connect students to the real world

* Create interdisciplinary projects to allow for these experiences

* Create a community of innovators

You will no longer be paralyzed by fear, but empowered by the fact that you can create real change, and it’s not that hard.


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