Invisible Wounds: Hope While You’re Hurting

| August 29, 2016


Do you walk around looking perfectly fine, but feeling deeply wounded? Are you nursing spiritual, physical or emotional wounds that no one else can see? In the midst of your grief and pain, have you ever felt guilty or overwhelmed by your doubts and questions about God’s goodness: Where is He? Why would He allow this suffering?

Fear or shame keeps you quiet. You live alone with your invisible wounds.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, God designed us for community. He isn’t afraid of our raw honesty, frustration and desperate questioning. He just wants us to come to Him. When we seek the Healer more than the healing, our painful journeys will lead us to freedom, joy and the unshakeable hope that heals. Hope that is not dependent on a result or an outcome. Hope that doesn’t disappoint.

Melinda Means understands the isolation, questioning, grief and depression that accompanies hidden hurts. For 20 years, she has walked a long, lonely, difficult road of chronic pain and illness — both hers and her son’s. In Invisible Wounds, she transparently shares her struggle with the tough spiritual questions and raw, dark emotions that often accompany suffering.

Seven brave, beautiful women share their invisible wounds in these pages, too. Revealing their pain for this book often brought them to tears. Yet, each one gladly went to some very dark, vulnerable places. They believed God wanted to use their heartache to relieve someone else’s.

Here are some of the important questions Melinda wrestles with in this book:

    • How could a God who claims to love me allow me to suffer?


  • Does God really see me in my pain? How can I know?



  • Is it possible to embrace the reality I’ve been given? If so, how?



  • How can overwhelming difficulty lead me to hope?



  • Why should I risk more pain by reaching out to others for support?



  • Why and when should I tell my story?


Isn’t it time to quit dealing with grief alone? Are you ready to embrace the hope that heals? Scroll to the top of this page and click “Buy Now.”


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