The Dumb Blonde Approach: An Unconventional Guided Tour to Conquer Your Greatest Fear

| August 31, 2016


This book is unconventional compared to a typical self-help book, it is meant to inspire you to consider your own life. We will call it a “Life Parable”. The self-help part comes from analyzing an actual life story; hopefully it will help you see the richness of your own life story. It is raw and real, and the goal is to give you a step by step tour of how I walked right into and through my greatest fears: the fear of rejection, fear of the future, fear of not being good enough, not knowing, technology, government, disasters, broken relationships, judgement and even death. All fear boils down to fearing the unknown. The unknown is scary, rejection is scary…but if you lean into either…you will find that you are stronger than both!

The smarter you are, the more you fear the unknown and the greater lengths you go to in order to hide your fear even from yourself. You might even find yourself more comfortable with criticizing others and “pulling other people’s weeds instead of your own weeds”. That is exactly what I did for years. It is what we all do. It is okay, it is fixable, you can find your best self too!

In the first book in this series we are going lean into the source of our fear and learn how to conquer it. What you don’t know can kill you, so you have to stop viewing yourself as so smart and prepare to overcome your greatest fears: the unknown and rejection.

You will learn the exact secret that all the most successful people in history have all figured out. This secret is what allows successful and healthy people to do amazing things in the world. It isn’t actually a secret; you already know this stuff in your heart. You just need a reminder. There really is nothing new under the sun. You were designed to do amazing things too, but you never will do those things until you learn how to stop, focusing on the shortcomings of others, stop fearing what you don’t know and realize it is not only ok …but powerful to be DUMB!


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