| June 12, 2013



There are some interesting guests at the isolated old coaching inn on Dartmoor, England. One of them is the US First Lady, Kathryne Mannocks. Tired of her husband’s behaviour, she angrily leaves the White House to join former university friends for a re-union there. Efforts to impose blanket security upon her have been stubbornly refused, leaving her vulnerable and minimally protected.
A group of terrorists stage a murderous breakout from nearby Dartmoor prison. Armed with guns and explosives, Dravid, an Islamic jihadist and Eamon, a Free Ireland veteran, lead an uneasy and temporary alliance to further their causes. They make their way to the Three Tors Hotel and ruthlessly and bloodily capture a prize that will further their deadly objectives.
But while two powerful governments find themselves held in a standoff, there are others at the hotel with the strengths to pit themselves against this post massacre mission.


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