Radical Love: 10 Love Secrets that will change you, your relationships and the whole world!

| September 5, 2016


We were created for love. People must have love or they cease to really live—they start to just exist. When it comes to love, it seems that everyone’s got an opinion, an idea, a blog, a newspaper story, a book, a song, a magazine article, a tweet or a Facebook comment with some kind of advice about it. And yet, people are in the dark and find themselves guessing when it comes to love. The only one who really knows what love is and how love is to be manifested in our lives is God himself, because God is love. Such is his very essence. This book unveils God’s secrets of love. It is designed for all believers to help them have a greater understanding of what love is and how it is expressed in concrete and practical ways. It is for every Christian who wants to love better and love deeper. The results promise to be RADICAL!

Love Secret 1: Destroying Love

Love Secret 2: Forgiving Love

Love Secret 3: Self-Denial Love

Love Secret 4: Self Love

Love Secret 5: Obedient Love

Love Secret 6: Discerning Love

Love Secret 7: Acceptance Love

Love Secret 8: Tough Love

Love Secret 9: Sexual Love

Love Secret 10: Discipling Love


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