False Prophet

| September 2, 2016


False Prophet is a gritty insider’s confession and rant against the corruption of our legal system. The author practiced law in Indianapolis for 30 years. It’s also a love story about healing wounds and redemption.

Jack Ross loses his soul but finds redemption representing an evangelical African-American preacher. Jack’s downward spiral begins with his idealistic but doomed defense of his best friend and colleague. It becomes an existential crisis. His wife leaves. His partner is in alcohol rehab. Jack’s struggle to reclaim his professional standing and self respect is aided by a petty criminal and a hot young reporter. Jack sets out to right the wrongs done to his Christian prophet-client. The pursuit of justice turns up political conspiracy, real estate fraud, kidnapping, and murder. A high price is paid for the truth.

False Prophet reveals the seamy underside of local politics and the legal system in Indianapolis. But it also shows how white folks and African-Americans can worship and work together for justice. The love story is one of frustration and self-destruction, but ultimately understanding, reconciliation, renewed intimacy, and a baby.

Jeff Rasley practiced law in Indiana and the federal courts for 30 years. The legal case in the book involving the persecution of an inner-city preacher and his fight to hold on to land it took him 20 years to purchase is inspired by one the author handled. Characters and events are fictional, but based on Rasley’s experience of representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to crooks and crack heads — the silk stocking and seamy under belly of law practice in Indy.

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