Author By Chance: How I Built a 5 Figure Kindle Publishing Business from the Ground Up

| September 2, 2016


‘Author By Chance: How I Built a 5-Figure Kindle Publishing Business from the Ground-Up’ & Download 2 Free Toolkits. Part of ‘Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery’ series.

Journey of a newbie author who accidentally wrote his first book, and then went on to build a 5-figure business publishing over 20 Kindle books. He hit the Best Seller #1 position for two of them. All this in 6 months and by working just 2-3 days a month.

This book is for you if,

  • you always wondered as to how to publish a Kindle book
  • you are looking to build credibility to your profession or in business by being a published author
  • you have a message to spread in the world through a book
  • you are looking to create additional 4 figure passive income every month
  • you are looking to reach more leads, prospects or customers in a Kindle platform – which has several million readers
  • you are troubled with the state of the economy and looking to provide additional financial security to your and your family
  • you to help people by solving their problem with a skill and knowledge you have
  • you want to set up your own online business that earns massive passive income on the sides

This book reveals the exact 6-step process that is devilishly simple and mighty effective I used to build my 5 figure passive income business on Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

The accompanying toolkits (two of them) with this Kindle publishing guide give you the necessary templates and checklists to get started the right way with Kindle publishing.

In this book you will learn,

  • a unique method to find out a profitable niche that is suitable especially for YOU. This step alone will help you ‘do what you love’ and not the other way around.
  • how to find the target audience of your niche to study, understand their problems and needs, so your books are lapped up as soon as they are out.
  • how to get a head start on over 90% authors out there by building your marketing platform and automatically initiate marketing for you, even before you write your first book.
  • to implement the Hub-and-Spoke methodology to build your brand and assure certain amount of sales even before you write books.

“This book is very honest and written from heart. I felt like we are sitting at a park bench and discussing how to write a book, get it published, precautions and tricks to be used. Very user friendly and humorous tone.

Rich content and fully packed with numerous details. Guides in baby steps towards getting the book published and how to use the right strategies to increase book sales.”

– Priyang Anand, first-time Kindle author

Don’t have a kindle? No worries. You can easily read this book through the Kindle Cloud Reader on your Computer, Smart Phone, iPad, iPhone, or you can download the Kindle App to almost any device.

Grab this low-priced book now, and build your passive income stream on the sides, while you work on day job or business.


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