How To Get What You Want When You Want It: Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve Success

| September 12, 2016


Do you wonder what is keeping you from a successful life? Are you striving in vain to make the six figure income you’ve always wanted? Is life passing you by while you sit wringing your hands in fear and doubt? Do you wonder why others have what they want, but you don’t?

Millions of people walk through life every day without ever achieving their dreams. Learn how to strip away the excuses you use to sabotage your own success, by pulling back the veil surrounding goal achievement. Lean how to reach your goals with a powerful mission statement for your life. A plan designed to soar over common road blocks that make others stumble and fail. Learn how to measure your progress to your goals by recognizing the evidence of real life change. And finally, learn the four key things that lead to success and how to overcome your two biggest enemies: Fear & Doubt.

Drawing from his own experience, pain, success and failures Dr. Jeff Logue carefully teaches readers to believe in their dreams, master their lives, and ultimately change the world one day at a time.

How to Get What You Want When You Want It is a powerful, yet easy to follow, step by step process to understanding yourself and your unique path to the success. It’s time to design the life you have always dreamed of!



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