Selling and Happy: The Art of Happiness in Sales, Business and Life

| September 5, 2016


Years ago I was in a total rut in my sales work. I had become disillusioned in my product, in my company and in my work. I felt like part of the capitalist machine, pushing my wares on customers, uncertain I was living the best life I could – one that my family could be proud of me for.

Many salespeople I know have at times become disillusioned by sales work. It’s true that there are times when sales feels pretty thankless – like when you are in a sales slump, during an economic downturn, or when what feels like the 100th customer for that day has virtually hung up on you.

That crisis in my life triggered a massive rethink of how I approached my life and my work. This book is the culmination of that rethink in which I came full circle to realising that I didn’t need a career change, because I already had the best job in the world!

I came to understand that sales work is worthy of a great career, and if you ever are in doubt of that, are in a sales rut or just need a mental reframe, then this is the book for you.

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