| September 8, 2016


Beekeeping – Create your own backyard beehive colony and make delicious organic honey

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Only about 30% of honey consumed in the USA today is produced locally. Producing your own honey is a healthier option to the commercially produced honey, as you have control what you treat the bees with to keep down disease and affliction within the colony. There are natural options to deal with pests rather than use potentially unsavory chemicals.

This book will go through the process of what you will need to create your own bee colony and raise bees within a beehive to produce your very own organic honey and also beeswax. It is aimed at the novice to beekeeping, so while there is some jargon as with any technical process, these terms are explained.

It is my goal to give you the overall picture of the process of beekeeping and to produce the magical end product – honey. You may be surprised to find that there are many uses for honey other than putting it on your muesli, and the other product beeswax. Inside there are 25 amazing uses and benefits to using honey, and 13 uses for beeswax, another highly useful product.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included…

  • The history of beekeeping
  • The different types of honeybee
  • The different roles of honeybees within the hive
  • The 2 most popular types of hive explained
  • What you will need to setup your colony and additional tools
  • How to acquire the bees, buying or catching?
  • Caring for the bees and maintenance on the bee colony
  • 25 uses for honey
  • 13 uses for beeswax
  • What not to do as a beginner

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