Tchaikovsky’s Egg

| September 9, 2016


The Premier Martin Forn Small Town Spy Series

You never heard to let that old dog lay? Kidnappings and coups are just so old school.

For years now, retired Interpol operator Martin Forn’s worst enemy has been that spoiled brat Johnny Corn. Of course, he just had to flaunt his mohawk and his inheritance on every occasion. That is just the way life goes when you have a daughter with your smokin’ hot Russian wife. No one ever enjoyed America more than Clara Forn. The Puravich Crime Syndicate forgot all about her, and she got to play house wife in a quiet little mining town, out in the middle of nowhere.

Damn that technology boom. When Sara sent in her DNA to be traced, she thought it would be fun to discover her lineage. Unfortunately, as the illegitimate grandchild of Prime Minister Puravich, she inadvertently set off a chain reaction of death. Code name Gregor wants for all the power in the world. He never stopped searching for Clara- the thief that stole Tchaikovsky’s Egg. The second in command will stop at nothing to betray his master. No one will stand in the way of his quest for world domination. Originally designed to ensure mutually ensured destruction, the egg does nothing more than initiate Death’s Hand. Gregor doesn’t just want the world, he wants it destroyed. But, taking Eli and Sara as leverage? A worse mistake could not have been made.

Forn, on the verge of losing his mind from the boredom of retirement, must stand in Gregor’s way. But, where is Clara? Where is the egg? Who cares? Johnny Corn got caught in the middle, and now the Shawnee want revenge. The last son of Tenskwatawa the Prophet will not be lost to a bunch of vodka fueled white thugs. The whole town of Huntington is ready to fight back. Gregor’s going to pay for what he has done- especially once Clara Forn gets ahold of him. On the rolling plains of Indiana, people don’t take kindly to funny talking strangers with guns. It’s no holds barred. Too bad for Gregor, he’s gonna die just in time for bear season.

Pony up and grab your copy today, or else…


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