You’re Trying Too Hard

| September 9, 2016


Have You Been Searching for Spiritual Awakening and Self Realization?

Reading enlightenment books? Attending satsang after satsang? Meditating like it’s going out of style? Trying to practice mindfulness?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

In this remarkable book, author Joey Lott tells the tale of his desperate search for self realization and enlightenment. And he tells of his eventual discovery that what he’d truly been looking for was here all along – disguised as the very thing he was trying to avoid.

What Are You Really Searching For?

The gurus and teachers tell us tales of how wonderful spiritual awakening will be. But have you ever taken an honest look at what it really is that you’re searching for?

After years of chasing after the carrot, Joey Lott finally did. And what he found surprised him.

He’d been searching to get away from life as it is. He rejected the present moment as never good enough. And he justified it as a spiritual search.

But it turned out that which he’d rejected was the real treasure.

Self realization is the realization that this right now – including fear, anger, boredom, anxiety, pain, disappointment, and everything else – is self.

This is freedom. Call it whatever you want – spiritual awakening, self realization, enlightenment, Zen mind, beginner’s mind, advaita vedanta. Moksha, or anything else. The truth is freedom is the freedom that includes everything – not just what is desired.

Are You Ready to Discover Total Liberation?

If so, join the thousands who have accepted the invitation.

Pick up a copy of You’re Trying Too Hard today.

In it you’ll discover that like so many of us, you’ve been hoodwinked by the peddlers of spiritual promises. You were duped into believing that you had to do something to achieve the fabled spiritual enlightenment.

You’ll learn that true peace/freedom is found not by achieving perfection or spiritual purity. It’s not had by reciting mantras, meditating on candle flames, or chanting the names of deities.

True peace/freedom is found by investigating the compulsion to escape from this right now – from your own experience. And this is more of an undoing than a doing.

Ready to have your beliefs challenged?

Click the ‘buy now’ button on this page to get your copy now. It’s free for a limited time. So don’t hesitate.


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