The Complete Lilly Frank Series

| October 1, 2016


Longing. Betrayal. Sex. Murder. Love. A story about how far one woman will go to feel safe in a world without guarantees and what one vampire will do to find companionship that lasts an eternity.

A suspenseful, sexy vampire thriller for adults, The Complete Lilly Frank Series follows Lilly and Torren not only across continents but also into the future to an unexpected but satisfying ending. This book includes the original trilogy, four thrilling Lilly Frank short stories, and bonus content not available in any of the other books.

In the two years since Lilly Frank’s mother was brutally murdered and the killer set free, Lilly has worked hard to create a safe and stable life for herself in New York City. But she’s thrown off balance when she meets Torren Frisk, a handsome stranger whom she finds both irresistible and frightening. Her growing attraction to him, coupled with his offer to help her track down her mother’s killer, threatens to unravel Lilly’s carefully constructed world. Torren is undeniably different from any other man Lilly has ever met, but what does he really want from her?

A New Born vampire needs time and space to adjust to her new body and heightened senses. Torren had hoped his castle in Northern Italy would provide a refuge for Lilly, but a new threat arrives soon after they do. There’s a new vampire hunter on the loose, and it’s not a quick death if you’re caught. This killer likes to torture victims first, and all signs indicate that he or she is circling ever-closer to Torren and Lilly.

If Torren can’t keep Lilly safe, she’ll be dead before she ever gets the chance to adjust to life as a vampire. He needs her to stop fighting him and start trusting him. Maybe he shouldn’t have deceived her…

Nearly fifty years of wandering the world hasn’t eased the ache in Lilly’s heart, so she decides to stop running and return to Italy, only to find the vampire community on the brink of civil war. Beth, Carrie, and Jamie bring her up to speed on vampire politics while teaching her how to face her tragic past and accept that, whether Torren wants her or not, her heart wants him.

When the group travels to New Rome for a summit that represents the vampires’ last chance to find a peaceful resolution to their disagreements, Lilly takes the opportunity to track down Torren. But when she finds him, not only is he still with Vittoria, he doesn’t seem to remember Lilly at all.

Can Lilly convince Torren to leave Vittoria while helping the Organization find a peaceful solution to their conflict? Or will Vittoria and civil war come between Lilly and Torren and their happy ending?

“First Kill” – Lilly’s experiment to see how long she can go without feeding has terrible unexpected consequences.

“Lilly and Étienne” – After fleeing to France with Beth and Jamie, Lilly struggles to recover psychologically and physically from torture and abandonment, and finds that her heart too is on the mend.

“The Organization Begins” – Elias and four other vampires track down Vasily and his Blood Scion, whose decade-long transcontinental killing spree has attracted the attention of vampire hunters.

“Giovanni and Vittoria” – Vittoria has waited long enough to consummate her love for Giovanni. But their perfect night of lovemaking takes a dark turn that will change their lives forever.

Content warnings: graphic violence, strong language, explicit sexual content. Intended for adult readers.
Trigger warning: torture.


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