World War 2: A Chilling Testimony of a German Citizen Living during the War – The Personal Account of Hans Wagner – 2nd Edition (WW2, WWII)

| September 13, 2016


Your First Hand Account of the Holocaust – The Story of a German Citizen during World War 2
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This book will take you back so that you can see the Holocaust through the eyes of a German

In World War 2 – The Story of a German Citizen, you’ll learn about what growing up in Germany was like, during the period of the Holocaust and World War 2. It was a period of nationalism and loyalty to the state, where German citizens perceived themselves as superior, and were against the Jews in every possible way. You will find out about: –

•How Nazi Germany Rose to Power
•A view of the Nazi Concentration Camps
•How Hitler controlled the German people
•What National Socialism is like
•Facing the Truth of What happened
•A German experience of the Holocaust
•Making Amends

The Holocaust changed the lives of many, most especially the Jews. It also affected the life of Hans Wagner forever. This book is the account of what he experienced during the holocaust and World War 2. It will touch on his views of what happened, when he was a boy growing up in a German home. The concentration camps, Adolf Hitler and The Jews are all described from his point of view.

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This is an account of the most important memories of Hans Wagner. For years, he has tried to come to terms with what his people did to the Jewish people. It is through his words that you can find understanding of what was happening, and what it takes to atone for the events. This is a brave account from a German citizen, who simply wants to share his truth.

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