Running: Your First Mile

| September 14, 2016


Miles Samuel presents Running: Your First Mile. This is a small guide on how to start running, how to stay motivated, how to avoid injuries and how you can become healthier on a day to day basis combined with your fitness.

You’re about to discover how to motivate yourself to run at first on a weekly basis and then even on a daily basis. You will learn how to have a happy approach to running, get in the right mindset to start your fitness journey; be given pointers on how to warm up properly for running and much more.

The benefits of buying this book is that it also includes a chapter on the best exercises that you can use every week in order to improve your strength, your fitness levels and your confidence in your body shape. Content also includes tips on how long you should train for as a beginner, when you should move forward to your next level and nutritional tips as to how to succeed.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn…


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