Author Interview with Cecilia Lynne of ‘When the Glass Slipper Shatters: Recreate Your Fairy Tale After Divorce’



Today I’ve managed to snag a little bit of time with Cecilia Lynne, author of the book ‘When the Glass Slipper Shatters: Recreate Your Fairy Tale After Divorce’. Cecilia, thanks for carving out a bit of time for us. Are you able to start off today’s interview with letting us know what your book is about? What do want do you want the readers to get out of your book?
I want the readers to learn how to create the best version of happily ever after for your family, whether you are a single parent, seeking more fulfilment in a challenging marriage or hoping to remarry. Chapters include everything from learning to walk in forgiveness to how I homeschooled and built a new home as a single parent on a limited income. Tips on frugal living, helping your kids receive college scholarships and interviews with single parents from various walks of life are as featured.

You’ve compiled a really good resource here for people starting again after a divorce. As you were incorporating all of these different aspects. How did you find out what you needed to include? Did you use your own personal experiences to make sure that you weren’t missing anything?
This book chronicles my personal journey–it IS my life experience!

And after combining your own experiences with the research you ended up with a large amount of information to share. what else did you include in the book?
Each chapter concludes with candid interviews from other single parents who share their personal struggles and how they overcame them. I compiled a list of resources for assistance with domestic violence, housing, financial aid and scholarships which is included at the end of the book. I also researched encouraging scriptures as they related to each chapter.

And once you had completed the book, and had it edited and published, what did you find the most gratifying element of the writing process?
Hearing from others who were encouraged or inspired after reading it, has been most rewarding.

Did you find that you also personally benefitted from the process of writing this book?
Actually, the life lessons learned from writing my book provided the training for my occupation as a blogger. As a home and garden blogger, I am able to draw from my journey and share intentional, frugal living tips with my readers.

And finally, do you have a top tip to help out any aspiring authors?
Edit, edit, and repeat.

That’s a great tip. Thank you very much for be so generous with your time today, and I wish you the best of luck with your promotion and I hope that you find many new readers.


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