In Search of The One: How to Attract the Relationship You’ve Longed For

| September 16, 2016


Are you longing for your soul mate…the perfect life partner…“The One”—but aren’t sure how to attract the right romantic relationship into your life? Cinderella, don’t give up on the prince!

Drawing from personal experience as well as insight from a wide array of experts, Randy Siegel will show you how to:

•Debunk the myths around “The One” and stop savior seeking.
•Examine the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual components of longing for a romantic relationship.
•Become your best self and live your best life.
•Attract a relationship so great that you could only imagine it until now.

In The Search for The One, Siegel explains that the true source of all longing is to be seen, heard, understood, and loved for all we are. By redirecting our focus on three psycho-spiritual paths—the evolution of the unconscious to the conscious self, the defended to the authentic self, and the higher to the divine self—we can find peace and grow personally while attracting a special kind of romantic relationship—a spiritual partnership—into our life.

The distance between longing and love is not as great as you might think.


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